The Start Page

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When you start Enterprise Architect, the first page displayed is the Start Page.

This page offers the following options:




To locate an object in Enterprise Architect, type the name of the object in the search field and click on the [...] button. Enterprise Architect displays the results of the search on the Model Search screen.

Click on an item in the search results to highlight it in the Project Browser.

Configure Options

Displays the Options dialog, which enables you to define how Enterprise Architect displays and processes information.

Online Resources & Tutorials

Opens the Resources page of the Sparx Systems website, which provides access to a wide range of  Enterprise Architectand UML tutorials, demonstrations, examples, Add-Ins and discussions.

Open a Project File

Displays the Open Project dialog, which you use to open an existing project (where you have more project files than can be listed in the Recent panel).

Create a New Project

Save a new project and open the Model Wizard dialog.

Copy a Base Project

Select a different Base Project to generate a new model from.

Connect to Server

Enables you to specify a Data Source name to connect to. MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle 9i and 10g, PostgreSQL, MSDE, Adaptive Server Anywhere and Progress OpenEdge repositories are supported.

Note: This feature is available in the Corporate edition only.


Contains a list of the most recently used Enterprise Architect projects (both .EAP files and DBMS connections). Click on the required project to open it.

If you have created and used shortcuts to your models, a model might have two entries - one for the model accessed through Enterprise Architect and one for the model accessed through the desktop shortcut. These open the same model, although the shortcut entry also enacts any view profile you have defined.

To select an option, click on it.

If your model has a default diagram set, the default diagram opens immediately over the top of the Start Page. You can still access the Start Page from the diagram tabs below the diagram. However, if you have set a shortcut view profile, that overrides the default diagram setting.

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