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This topic area covers element properties and their settings, responsibilities, constraints, links, scenarios, Tagged Values, associated files, object files and classifiers, and boundary element settings.

To display the element Properties dialog:

·Select an element in the Diagram View and select the Element | Properties menu option.
·Right-click on an element in the Diagram View, and select Properties from the context menu.
·Select an element in the Diagram View view, and press [Alt]+[Enter].
·Double-click on an element in the Diagram View.
·Right-click on an element in the Project Browser window, and select Properties... from the context menu.

To suppress display of the Properties dialogue when placing a new element, uncheck the Edit Object on New option.

Note: there are three variations of the Properties dialog:

·The dialog for a Table element has slight differences on the General tab and a Table Details tab instead of a Details tab; see Set Table Properties
·The dialog for a Class element of a stereotype other than Table is as shown in General Settings.
·The dialog for an element of any other type does not have a Details tab.

The following topics describe each of the tabs in this dialog in detail.

Follow the links for information on Tagged Values, Object files and Classifiers, and the Boundary element appearance