List of Available Permissions

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The following table lists the available permissions in the Corporate edition of Enterprise Architect. These permissions are required for the corresponding operations if security is enabled.

Note: Some permissions take precedence over others. For example, if you set Use Version Control permission for a user, that user can modify model elements on import even if they do not have Update Element permission.



Audit Settings

Change the audit settings in the Audit Settings dialog.

Audit View

Enable auditing and display data in the Audit View and Audit History tab.

Security - Enable/Disable

Enable or disable user security in Enterprise Architect.

Security - Manage Users

Maintain users, groups and assigned permissions.

Security - Manage Locks

View and delete element locks.

Manage Reference Data - Update

Update and delete reference items.

Update Diagrams

Update diagram properties and layout, including the Page Setup dialog.

Administer Database

Compact and repair database.

Manage Replicas

Create and synchronize replicas.

Lock Objects

Lock an element.

Manage Project Information

Update and manage resources, metrics, risks.

Configure Resources

Create and manage Resources tab items: RTF templates, patterns, profiles, favorites.

Update Element

Save changes (including delete) for elements, diagrams, packages, links.

Export XMI

Export model to XMI.

Import XMI

Import model from XMI.

Manage Tests

Update and delete Test records.

Manage Issues

Update and delete Issues.

Change Password

Change password of current user.

Transfer Data

Transfer model between different repositories.

Transform Package

Perform transformations of packages and elements.

Check Project Data Integrity

Check and repair project integrity.

Configure Datatypes

Add, modify and delete datatypes.

Configure Stereotypes

Add, modify and delete Stereotypes.

Configure Images

Configure alternative element images.

Generate Source Code and DDL

Generate source code and DDL from model element. Synchronize if already exists.

Reverse Engineer from DDL and Source Code

Reverse engineer from source code or ODBC. Synchronize with model elements.

Generate Documents

Generate RTF and HTML documents from model packages.

Configure Packages

Configure controlled packages and package properties.

Manage Diagrams

Create new diagrams, copy existing and delete diagrams. Also save diagram as UML Pattern.

Spell Check

Spell check package and set spell check language.

Configure Version Control

Set up version control options for the current model.

Use Version Control

Check files in and out using version control.

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