Quick Start - Project Tasks

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Throughout a design and development project there are many different tasks to be performed, which could be carried out either by one person or - more probably - by members of a team with different responsibilities. In either case, Enterprise Architect supports most - if not all - of the responsibilities you might have on your project.

Therefore, the next topics to explore depend on the work you normally do on a project.

The following list identifies a number of job roles that Enterprise Architect supports. For those that most resemble your role on a project, click on the title link to display a description of how that role might use Enterprise Architect, then click on the other links to explore some of the Enterprise Architect features of importance to the role.

·Tester - see Testing

Another area of responsibility that Enterprise Architect supports is System Administration - see Model Management

Most of these topics identify types of diagram, so you might want to learn more about diagram types in general and specific types of diagram in particular. See the Diagrams section of  the UML Dictionary.

Several types of project team member might want to generate documentation on their work and reports on how the project is developing and changing.  Enterprise Architect enables you to generate project documentation in either RTF or HTML format - see Creating Documents.

Note: The Corporate edition of Enterprise Architect has a user security feature that can be applied or turned off. If security is turned on, you require the appropriate access permissions to use many of theEnterprise Architect facilities listed above. For further information, see User Security and List of Available Permissions.