Set Up a Database Repository

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The Desktop and Professional versions of Enterprise Architect use an MS JET database as the model repository.

If you purchase the Corporate edition, you can create and use a SQL Server 2000 and 2005, MySQL, Oracle 9i and 10g , PostgreSQL, Adaptive Server Anywhere 8 and 9,  Progress OpenEdge or MSDE data repository.  You upsize the Enterprise Architect models (either existing or template) to use your selected DBMS.

The process of upsizing a model is straightforward and comprises the following steps:

1.Install the DBMS software and create a database.
2.Run a script supplied by Sparx Systems to create the required tables.
3.Open Enterprise Architect and use the Project Data Transfer function (select the Tools | Data Management | Project Transfer menu option) to move a model from a .EAP file to the DBMS repository.

This topic details how to do this for MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle 9i and 10g, PostgreSQL, Adaptive Server Anywhere, Progress OpenEdge and MSDE.

Note: You cannot move a model from a source .EAP file of a version earlier than 3.5.0.

Setting up a database repository is a two- or three-stage process: firstly, you set up an ODBC driver for your database; secondly, you create the repository tables using scripts downloaded from the Sparx Systems web site; and finally, you connect to the repository. Full instructions on all three stages are provided below.

Set Up an ODBC Driver

Setting up an ODBC driver is only necessary for MySQL, PostgreSQL and Adaptive Server Anywhere. The other supported databases connect using OLE DB, so this stage can be skipped. To find out how to set up an ODBC driver, go to:

Create a Repository

To find out how to download the scripts and create the data repository tables, go to:

Connect to a Repository

Once the repository is created, you can connect to it. To find out how, go to: