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The Help menu provides access to the Enterprise Architect help files, the Read Me file, the Enterprise Architect License Agreement and various features on the Sparx Systems website.


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About EA

View information about Enterprise Architect, including your registration details.

Register and Manage License Key(s)...

Enables you to configure and manage the license keys used to register the name and keys for Enterprise Architect and its Add-Ins. For more information see the License Management topic.

Configure Zicom Mentor...

Register a third party Add-In for Enterprise Architect. For more information see the Zicom Mentor page on the Sparx Systems website.

Read Me

View the Readme.txt file, which details the changes and enhancements in Enterprise Architect, build by build.

View License Agreement

View the Enterprise Architect End User License Agreement.

Ordering Information

View information on how to purchase Enterprise Architect.

Help Contents

View the Enterprise Architect help files.

Keyboard Accelerator Map

View the keyboard accelerator map. You can customize your keyboard shortcuts, if required.

On-Line Resources

See below.

EA on the Web

Visit the Sparx Systems website.

The On-Line Resources Sub-Menu

Access help and resources on-line at the Sparx Systems website.

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User Forum and News

Visit the Enterprise Architect user discussion forum.


Request a feature you would like to see in Enterprise Architect.

Bug Report Page

Report the details of a bug you have found in Enterprise Architect.

Latest Version Details

Find out the details of the latest Enterprise Architect build.

Automation Interface

Access the Enterprise Architect Automation Interface guide.

Introducing UML

Access the Sparx Systems online UML tutorials.

Pricing and Purchase Options

Purchase or upgrade Enterprise Architect over the internet.

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