The Settings Menu

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The Settings menu enables you to configure various settings for your overall project. Configure the resources involved, general types, maintenance types, metrics and estimation types, stereotypes, Tagged Values, cardinality values, datatypes, language macros, local directories, image management, CSV import and export specifications, and reference data export/import.


Menu Option



Displays the People dialog, which enables you to configure the authors, clients, resources and roles for your project.

General Types

Displays the General Types dialog, which enables you to configure requirements, status types, constraints and scenarios for your project.


Displays the Maintenance dialog, which enables you to track problem types and test types.

Project Indicators

Enables you to define the project indicators (risks, efforts and metrics) used in Resource Management.

Estimation Factors

Displays the Estimation factors dialog, which enables you to configure estimation factor types (Technical Complexity Factors, Environmental Complexity Factors, and Default Hour Rate) for your project.


Enables you to configure stereotypes, Tagged Values and the cardinality list for your project.

MDG Technologies

Displays the MDG Technologies dialog, which enables you to load in and use MDG Technology files.


Enables you to locate and delete model namespaces.

Template Package

Enables you to configure or change the default template directory.

Local Paths

Enables you to configure local directories and paths.

Auto Name Counters

Enables you to configure automatic naming for elements.

Code Datatypes

Enables you to add, modify and delete programming languages datatypes.

Database Datatypes

Enables you to add, modify and delete database datatypes.

Preprocessor Macros

Enables you to add and delete preprocessor macros.

Code Generation Templates

Enables you to modify code generation templates using the Code Templates Editor. [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[P]

Transformation Templates

Enables you to modify transformation templates using the Transformation Templates Editor. [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[H]


Opens the Image Manager.


Enables you to configure the custom colors for the project. Displays two options:

·Get Project Custom Colors - get the custom colors
·Set Project Custom Colors - set the custom colors

Custom colors are as used in the Appearance dialog.

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