The Tools Menu

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The Tools menu provides access to various tools including those related to code engineering, managing .EAP files, spelling options, external resources and customization of features such as configuring shortcuts.


Menu Option

Functionality and Function Keys

Spell Check Project

Spell check the current project. [Ctrl]+[F7]

Spell Check Current Package

Spell check the current package. [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[F7]

Spelling Language

Specify language to use for spell checking.

Data Management

See below.

Manage .EAP File

See below.

Run Patch

Execute a SQL patch.

Export Reference Data

Export reference data to XML files for convenient model updating.

Import Reference Data

Import reference data from XML files for convenient model updating.

Import Technology

Import Technology file.

Generate MDG Technology File

Displays the MDG Technology Wizard. See The Enterprise Architect Software Developers' Kit (SDK).


Open Wordpad.

Windows Explorer

Open Windows Explorer.


Customize the operation of Enterprise Architect.


Customize your general settings through the Options dialog. [Ctrl]+[F9]

The Data Management Sub-Menu

Manage your project's data.

Menu Option


Project Transfer

Move a complete project from one repository to another.

Note: You cannot move a project from a source .EAP file of a version earlier than 3.5.0.

Project Compare

Compare the total project sizes of two projects.

Project Integrity Check

Check data integrity of a project. [Shift]+[F9]

The Manage .EAP File Sub-Menu

Repair, compact or replicate your .EAP file.

Menu Option


Repair .EAP File

Repair an Enterprise Architect project. If a project has not been closed properly, in rare cases it might not open correctly. This option attempts to repair such projects.

Note: All users must be logged off the project while it is being repaired.

Compact .EAP File

Compact an Enterprise Architect project. Eventually projects might benefit from compacting to conserve space.

Note: Ensure everyone is logged off the target project, then select this option to compact it.

Make Design Master

Make a design master project; this is the master project for creating replicas.

Create New Replica

Create a new replica from the Design Master.

Synchronize Replicas

Copy changes from one replica set member to another.

Remove Replication

Remove all replication features if you no longer require a model to be replicable.

Resolve Replication Conflicts

Resolve any conflicts caused when multiple users have changed the same element between synchronization points.

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