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Easy Microsoft® Office Access 2003
By Shelley O'Hara
Publisher: Que
Pub Date: September 15, 2003
ISBN: 0-7897-2959-8
Pages: 256

   About the Author
   We Want to Hear from You!
   It's as Easy as 1-2-3
   Part 1.  Learning Access Basics
      Database Window
      Starting Access
      Opening a Sample Database
      Using the Menu Bar
      Using Toolbars
      Using the Objects Bar
      Getting Help
      Closing a Database
      Quitting Access
   Part 2.  Creating Databases and Tables
      Creating a Database from a Template
      Creating a New Blank Database
      Opening an Existing Database
      Creating a Table Using a Wizard
      Creating a Database Table from Scratch
      Displaying a Table in Design View
      Adding a New Field
      Changing a Field Name
      Setting a Field's Data Type
      Setting the Field Size for a Text Field
      Setting the Field Size for a Number Field
      Adding a Field Description
      Deleting a Field
      Setting the Primary Key
      Saving the Data Table
   Part 3.  Entering Data
      Opening and Closing a Table in Datasheet View
      Entering Data in a Table
      Displaying Records
      Creating a New Record
      Selecting an Entry
      Selecting Records and Columns
      Freezing and Unfreezing Columns
      Hiding and Unhiding Columns
      Resizing Columns
      Rearranging Columns
      Editing a Record
      Deleting a Record
      Copying an Entry
      Copying an Entire Record
      Sorting Records in Datasheet View
      Finding Data
      Replacing Data
      Formatting the Datasheet
      Changing the Font
      Checking Spelling
      Previewing and Printing a Table
   Part 4.  Editing a Database's Table Structure
      Viewing Field Properties
      Using Display Formats
      Using an Input Mask
      Adding a Field Caption
      Entering a Default Value
      Requiring an Entry
      Indexing a Field
      Applying a Smart Tag
      Creating a Yes/No Field
      Creating a Hyperlink Field
      Creating a Memo Field
      Creating an Object Field
      Adding an Entry to an Object Field
   Part 5.  Creating and Using Forms
      Creating a Form Using an AutoForm
      Creating a Form Using a Wizard
      Saving a Form
      Opening a Form
      Using a Form to Add a New Record
      Using a Form to Display Records
      Using a Form to Edit Data
      Using a Form to Select Records
      Using a Form to Delete a Record
      Using a Form to Search for a Record
      Filtering Data by Selection
      Filtering Data by Form
      Viewing a Form in Design View
      Selecting a Form Control
      Deleting a Field from a Form
      Resizing a Form Control
      Moving a Form Control
      Adding a Field to a Form
      Changing the Tab Order
      Viewing and Formatting Form Controls
      Formatting Forms
   Part 6.  Creating Queries
      Creating a Select Query with a Wizard
      Building a Query from Scratch
      Viewing the Query Design
      Entering Criteria to Query for an Exact Match
      Entering Criteria to Query for a Range of Matches
      Entering Multiple Criteria with the OR Operator
      Entering Criteria to Match More Than One Field
      Sorting Query Results
      Adding a Field to a Query
      Removing a Field from a Query
      Saving a Query
      Running a Query
      Creating a New Table with Query Results
      Deleting Records with a Query
   Part 7.  Creating Reports
      Creating an AutoReport
      Creating a Report Using a Wizard
      Saving a Report
      Opening a Report
      Viewing a Report's Design
      Selecting a Report Control
      Deleting a Field from a Report
      Resizing a Report Control
      Moving a Report Control
      Adding a Field to a Report
      Adding Labels to a Report
      Adding Headers or Footers to a Report
      Drawing on a Report
      Adding a Picture to a Report
      Sorting and Grouping Data in a Report
      Using a Report AutoFormat
      Setting Up the Page
      Previewing a Report
      Printing a Report
   Part 8.  Managing Your Database
      Renaming an Object
      Deleting an Object
      Password-Protecting a Database
      Backing Up the Database
      Viewing Database Properties
      Setting Up Relationships
      Editing Relationships
      Using Subdatasheets
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