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Dreamweaver MX 2004: The Missing Manual
By David Sawyer McFarland
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: February 2004
ISBN: 0-596-00631-4
Pages: 840
Slots: 1.0   

   The Missing Credits
      About the Author
      About the Creative Team
      What's New in Dreamweaver MX 2004
      HTML, XHTML, and CSS 101
      The Very Basics
      About This Book
    Part I:  Building a Web Page
        Chapter 1.  Dreamweaver MX 2004 Guided Tour
      Section 1.1.  Welcome to Dreamweaver MX 2004
      Section 1.2.  The Dreamweaver MX 2004 Interface
      Section 1.3.  The Dreamweaver Test Drive
        Chapter 2.  Adding Text to Your Web Pages
      Section 2.1.  Adding Text in Dreamweaver
      Section 2.2.  Copying and Pasting Text
      Section 2.3.  Selecting Text
      Section 2.4.  Spell Checking
      Section 2.5.  Undo, Redo, and the History Panel
        Chapter 3.  Text Formatting
      Section 3.1.  Paragraph Formatting
      Section 3.2.  Lists
      Section 3.3.  Character Formatting
        Chapter 4.  Links
      Section 4.1.  Understanding Links
      Section 4.2.  Adding a Link
      Section 4.3.  Adding an Email Link
      Section 4.4.  Linking Within a Web Page
      Section 4.5.  Modifying a Link
        Chapter 5.  Images
      Section 5.1.  Adding Images
      Section 5.2.  Modifying an Image
      Section 5.3.  Editing Graphics
      Section 5.4.  Image Maps
      Section 5.5.  Rollover Images
      Section 5.6.  Flash Buttons
      Section 5.7.  Flash Text
      Section 5.8.  Tutorial: Adding Rollovers
    Part II:  Building a Better Web Page
        Chapter 6.  Cascading Style Sheets
      Section 6.1.  Cascading Style Sheet Basics
      Section 6.2.  Creating Styles
      Section 6.3.  Using Styles
      Section 6.4.  Manipulating Styles
      Section 6.5.  More About Styles
      Section 6.6.  Advanced Styles
      Section 6.7.  Style Properties
      Section 6.8.  Cascading Style Sheets Tutorial
        Chapter 7.  Page Layout 101
      Section 7.1.  Table Basics
      Section 7.2.  Layout Mode
      Section 7.3.  Inserting a Table in Standard View
      Section 7.4.  Selecting Parts of a Table in Standard View
      Section 7.5.  Expanded Table Mode
      Section 7.6.  Formatting Tables
      Section 7.7.  Modifying Cell and Row Properties in Standard View
      Section 7.8.  Adding and Removing Rows and Columns
      Section 7.9.  Merging and Splitting Cells
      Section 7-10.  Nesting Tables in Standard View
      Section 7.11.  Tabular Data
      Section 7.12.  Tables Tutorial
        Chapter 8.  Page Layout 2004
      Section 8.1.  Introducing CSS Layout
      Section 8.2.  The Basics
      Section 8.3.  Creating CSS Styles for Layers
      Section 8.4.  Applying the Layer Style
      Section 8.5.  Drawing with the Layer Tool
      Section 8.6.  The Layers Panel
      Section 8.7.  Modifying Layer Properties
      Section 8.8.  Nesting Layers
      Section 8.9.  CSS Layout Tutorial
        Chapter 9.  Frames
      Section 9.1.  The Frame Page
      Section 9.2.  Creating Frames
      Section 9.3.  Selecting Frames and Framesets
      Section 9.4.  Saving Framesets and Frames
      Section 9.5.  Frame and Frameset Properties
      Section 9.6.  Targeting Links
      Section 9.7.  Inserting a Navigation Bar
        Chapter 10.  Under the Hood: HTML
      Section 10.1.  Roundtrip HTML
      Section 10.2.  Code View
      Section 10.3.  Quick Tag Editor
      Section 10.4.  Tag Inspector
      Section 10.5.  Reference Panel
      Section 10.6.  Inserting JavaScript
    Part III:  Bringing Your Pages to Life
        Chapter 11.  Forms
      Section 11.1.  Form Basics
      Section 11.2.  Creating a Form
      Section 11.3.  Adding Form Elements
      Section 11.4.  Validating Forms
      Section 11.5.  Forms Tutorial
        Chapter 12.  Dreamweaver Behaviors
      Section 12.1.  Understanding Behaviors
      Section 12.2.  Applying Behaviors
      Section 12.3.  Events for 4.0 Browsers
      Section 12.4.  The Actions, One by One
      Section 12.5.  Creating an External JavaScript Library
      Section 12.6.  Adding More Behaviors
        Chapter 13.  Flash, Shockwave, and Other Multimedia
      Section 13.1.  Flash
      Section 13.2.  Flash Elements
      Section 13.3.  Shockwave
      Section 13.4.  Java Applets
      Section 13.5.  ActiveX Controls
      Section 13.6.  Plug-Ins
    Part IV:  Building a Web Site
        Chapter 14.  Introducing Site Management
      Section 14.1.  Structuring a Web Site
      Section 14.2.  Viewing a Site Map
      Section 14.3.  Site Assets
        Chapter 15.  Testing Your Site
      Section 15.1.  Site Launch Checklist
      Section 15.2.  Check Browser Support
      Section 15.3.  Validating Web Pages
      Section 15.4.  Find and Fix Broken Links
      Section 15.5.  Cleaning Up HTML (and XHTML)
      Section 15.6.  Site Reporting
      Section 15.7.  Accessibility
      Section 15.8.  Download Statistics
        Chapter 16.  Moving Your Site to the Internet
      Section 16.1.  Defining a Remote Site
      Section 16.2.  Transferring Files
      Section 16.3.  Check In and Check Out
      Section 16.4.  Synchronizing Site Files
      Section 16.5.  Communicating with Design Notes
    Part V:  Dreamweaver 2004 Power
        Chapter 17.  Snippets and Libraries
      Section 17.1.  Snippets Basics
      Section 17.2.  Using Snippets
      Section 17.3.  Creating Snippets
      Section 17.4.  Built-in Snippets
      Section 17.5.  Library Basics
      Section 17.6.  Create and Use Library Items
      Section 17.7.  Edit Library Items
      Section 17.8.  Library Tutorial
        Chapter 18.  Templates
      Section 18.1.  Template Basics
      Section 18.2.  Create a Template
      Section 18.3.  Define Editable Regions
      Section 18.4.  Adding Optional Regions
      Section 18.5.  Nested Templates
      Section 18.6.  Building Pages Based on a Template
      Section 18.7.  Update a Template
      Section 18.8.  Template Tutorial
        Chapter 19.  Automating Dreamweaver
      Section 19.1.  The History Panel Revisited
      Section 19.2.  Create Web Photo Album
      Section 19.3.  Find and Replace
        Chapter 20.  Customizing Dreamweaver
      Section 20.1.  Keyboard Shortcuts
      Section 20.2.  Dreamweaver Extensions
    Part VI:  Dynamic Dreamweaver 2004
        Chapter 21.  Getting Started with Dynamic Web Sites
      Section 21.1.  The Dynamic Edge
      Section 21.2.  Pieces of the Puzzle
      Section 21.3.  Setting Up Dreamweaver for Dynamic Web Sites
      Section 21.4.  Databases Explained (in Five Minutes or Less)
      Section 21.5.  Creating a Dynamic Page
      Section 21.6.  Connecting Dreamweaver to a Database
        Chapter 22.  Adding Dynamic Data to Your Pages
      Section 22.1.  Retrieving Information
      Section 22.2.  Adding Dynamic Information
      Section 22.3.  Displaying Multiple Records
      Section 22.4.  Recordset Navigation
      Section 22.5.  Viewing Live Data Within Dreamweaver
      Section 22.6.  Master Detail Page Set
      Section 22.7.  Passing Information Between Pages
      Section 22.8.  Tutorial: Displaying Database Information
        Chapter 23.  Web Pages that Manipulate Database Records
      Section 23.1.  Adding Data
      Section 23.2.  Updating Database Records
      Section 23.3.  Dynamic Form Fields
      Section 23.4.  Deleting Records
      Section 23.5.  Tutorial: Inserting and Updating Data
        Chapter 24.  Advanced Dynamic Site Features
      Section 24.1.  Password-Protecting Web Pages
      Section 24.2.  Additional Data Sources
      Section 24.3.  Advanced Server Behaviors
      Section 24.4.  Tutorial: Authentication
      Appendix A.  Getting Help
      Section A.1.  Getting Help from Dreamweaver
      Section A.2.  Getting Help from Macromedia
      Section A.3.  Help from the Real World
      Section A.4.  Help Creating Your Own Extensions
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